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Our Services

Grassroot Organisations (GROs) are managed by volunteers appointed by The People's Association (PA). The GROs volunteers help the PA to achieve its mission; bringing people from different ethnic origins and from all walks of life together to interact, make friends, help one another and to participate in social, cultural, educational, recreational, sporting and charitable activities.


All GROs in all constituencies are required to record and maintain accurate accounting records in accordance to the GROs Financial Rules, Procedures and Funding Guidelines.


We have substantial experience in supporting GROs to ensure that they comply with all their corporate governance requirements.


We can provide Accounting, Verification and Consultancy services for all of your GRO's needs.


Security of your documents and records are extremely important to us. We take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of your documents and records, such as:


- Using dedicated courier services

- Tamper-proof security document bags

- Tracking of courier movements

- Locked and bolted cabinets

- Close monitoring of all documents

Obtain a quote

We are happy to provide a quote for any of your accounting or bookkeeping requirements. Each accounting or bookkeeping quote varies from case to case basis, depending upon each company's requirements, accounts setup, work scope and estimated time required to complete the services.

If you would like to obtain a quote, do not hesitate to complete the following online form below as it allows us to understand your business better. 

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